South Auckland Ears

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South Auckland Ears

South Auckland Ears is run by a Registered Nurse who specializes in otomicroscopy. Ear nurses are qualified to safely and effectively examine ears to remove wax, foreign bodies and debris before checking for abnormalities.
We use 'Best Practice' low suction microscopy techniques and an oto microscope to suction wax or debris from ears. Bookings can be made by you personally, General practitioners, audiologists and nurses. We welcome people with ears blocked due to wax, ear infections or foreign bodies, people who wear hearing aids and children preferably accompanied by two parents or care givers.

 6 O'Shannessey Street Papakura 2110. We are in the Counties Care building,
Hours of Practice: Every Saturday,  8.20am to 1.40pm by appointment. Week days on Tuesday, Wednesday and some Friday evenings from 2.40pm to 5.40pm. Phone or text us for a booking on 021 540535.

Cost: $50.00 per consultation during which, any wax or debris is removed. $45.00 for people 65 years and over. $35.00 for children under 18 years. For any secondary or follow up appointments within the next month a $30.00 charge applies. Payment can be made by Cash, Visa, debit cards and eftpos on the day of treatment.

If you have a history of hard compacted wax then you are welcome to soften your ear wax for 3 days prior with lightly warmed oil such as unused ricebran or olive oil prior to coming This will make removal easier and more comfortable for you.  Alternatively, purchasing a wax softening product from a pharmacy and using for two days prior to your visit can be useful.   Otherwise just come as you are.

For those who wear hearing aids, it may be necessary to have wax removed more frequently. This can be due to the partial blocking of the ear canal by the hearing aid preventing wax from exiting the ear by normal process. This build up affects the ability of hearing aids to work well. Also the mildly corrosive effects of wax on hearing aids decreases the long term life of your hearing aid investment.
Your local District Health Board offers free ear services for children. Contact the Manukau District Health Board on 09 276 0000.
To arrange a booking please ring Ian on 021 540 535. If you encounter our answer phone, please leave a simple message. 

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6 O'Shannessey Street Papakura 2110